GZGreen Solutions Now equipped with own research center developing future technology for the common man to grow plants at their place at lowest cost. When mineral  waters (Now most of them rebrand themselves as Packaged drinking water) introduced in india most of us thought that it is not marketable. Today everyone think about pure water for safeguarding the health. We understand that health plays major role in one's life. Today one can't trust the nature of intake made available to plants. The hygiene plays major role in nurturing plants. The quality of water used to plants is also important. We at GZGreen Solutions consider all kind of precautions while farming the plant. We give importance to the key technology for maintaining the plants and also


1)Quality of Water given to plants is important  while maintaining PH level for the crops and even we have our own branded cost effective packaged feeding water for plants (we even consider giving PH level suitable for each kind of plants and our water cost is lesser than branded packaged drinking water )  

2)URBAN GREEN House has been introduced to control the Nature of Atmosphere created for growing plants. We understand the urban growers problem of getting space for growing plants and to address the situation we have come out with innovative concept like Vertical Planting devices along with urban greenhouse structure. 


URBAN GREEN HOUSE will work on any HOME TERRACE and the Profit  will outsmart the ordinary RENTAL VALUE 

The soil organisms that have the potential to be plant pathogens include fungi, bacteria, viruses, nematodes and protozoa. Some pathogens of the above ground parts of plants (leaves, stems) survive in the soil at various stages in their life cycles. Our innovative system will not allow plants to interact with soil and there will not be any soil related diseases affecting the plants.This alone contribute major factor for buying our vegetables as they are rich in nutrients and grown under disease free environment,

3.Buy Back Agreement facility is the assurance required for buyers interested going for investment in this latest technology. Though the cost of production per KG for vegetables varies from Rs5 Kg to 10KG the buy back assurance from GZGreen solutions has minimum 25% return for each crop on the cost for each season adn considering 4 seasons in a year one can expect 100% return on yield.

4.Garden Automation. GZGreen Solutions provides 100% Garden automation facility with the help of modern mobile app Technology. The Demo Office at No253/B 1st Floor 5th Main 5th Cross Milk Colony Bangalore 560055 has all the failities to show the products such as 1) Aeroponic Vertical Garden system 2) Fogponic seed germination System 3) Urban Green House maintained through wifi enabled security and automated timer operated nutirent feeding for plants system ( the whole system runs with the help of mobile app and can be controlled from any part of the world) The automation facility has been introduced considering the labour problem in maintaining the plants. The automation solutions also can be customised and additional faiclities such as 1)automated tempareture cotrol 2)Automated Water Ph Leve Control 3)automated Nutirient Level Control 4) Automated Fog Feeding control also can be customised as value added services based on the situation.

5.Techonology Sharing in association with Urbanveggy.com. We understand that India is agriculture oriented country and inspite of india being agriculture oriented country we do not have quality food supply for our future generation. GZGreen solutions has tied up with Urban Veggy Trust charitable institute to spread the technology and share the crop growing information among common man. The future food industry requires supply of quality food products and also the quality system needs independent audit of the stem to focus on quality and GZGreen solutions has also tied up with Dataisverified.com to independently vouch for the process. 

6.India the future superpower country is only possilbe, if we provide quality food to the future generation. We are also committed to improve the technology using MAKE IN INDIA platform and we have tied up with G1 Green solutions to procure all indigeneous agriculture equipments specialised in Hydroponics, Aeroponics, Fogponics Systems. This movement alone will help in saving foreign exchange to the country.

7.MOBILE TECHNOLOGY for the future is ready with our state of the art software developed by 2s2v1m4.com and integration of robotic technology to maintain the garden is possible with the help of mobile apps developed by associated partners in providing smart plugs and cctv cameras. 

8.Credit Facility to enhance the Agri wealth GZGreen solutions also provides consultancy for availing credit faility from financial instituions or from www.eazycredit.in and also provides consultancy for availing subsidy from government agencies. The whole process is easy and simple. write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for more details

9.Health is Wealth and it is easily achieved through growing plants using latest technology. The contribution of smarter cities has resulted in movement of labour from villages to cities and the result is 70% of population will settle in urban environment. Earlier the oxygen was available abundantly and the 33% ratio has decreased to 19% and we are sure with the help of plants in home environment in urban area one can expect abundant oxygen and good improvement of health. The plants is grown under controlled environment and it is free from all kind of diseases and pollution.


GZ Green Solutions has started the Study Unit in association with CIMAP (Bangalore) (Central Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants ) and URBANVEGGY TRUST for Studying advantages of farming Medicinal Plants and Aromatic Plants using Hydroponics/Aeroponics/Fogponics. We request everyone to visit the study unit in Green House environment at CSIR -CIMAP Research Centre Allalasandra,GKVK Post Bangalore-560065.

Gzgreen Solutions and Urbanveggy Trust has started a unique campign of distributing Ayurvedic Plants under Ayurhealthclub.com Campign to spread the Health Awareness campign. 


 GZGreen Solutions also introduced the concept of growing medicinal plants in homely environment and for avoiding common diseases special packages has been formulated. The most important medicinal herbs has been given prime importance and Tulsi (Basil)  and Amrutha Balli (Tinospora cordifolia) and we hope this will encourage every house owner to grow the plants for improving health environment in House associating with www.ayurhealthclub.com